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Roster McCabe

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Named one of five up-and-coming jam bands by Billboard Magazine, Roster McCabe's unique brand of Funky Reggae Dance Rock makes them a refreshing take on original music. For the last three years, the band has essentially lived on the road—and that near-constant touring schedule has honed their live performances to a laser focus. Roster McCabe has quickly morphed into a nonstop musical juggernaut, a band whose do-it-yourself attitude, dedication, and passion for live shows have enabled them to reach impressive heights.

Roster's most recent studio album, Through Space and Time, is an exercise in precision and energy, revealing a polished, perfected version of their former selves. The band has come a long way from the jazz-infused reggae-folk sound showcased on their debut album, though their more recent material is still based firmly in their roots even as they reinvent and re-energize old favorites. With frequent guest Steve Molitz (Particle; Phil Lesh and Friends) on keyboards, the album combines the technical precision and complex meters of prog with incredible musicianship and an unmatched passion for creating, weaving together a stunning, musically cohesive wave of sound that inspires and uplifts.

With their 2011 release, Live at the Cabooze Vol. II, the band takes the energy of their recent studio album and turns it up to eleven, showing emphatically that all of their touring experience has forged them into an even tighter, more confident, more focused band than we heard on previous live albums—to the obvious appreciation of the 700 fans that fought their way through a blizzard that pummeled Minneapolis that blustery December evening in 2010. Roster McCabe is a band that knows how to connect and inspire, and their fans clearly will not be denied.

And, in the truest sense, the fans have brought the band to where it is today; Through Space and Time was funded by donations through Kickstarter. The band's appreciation for the incredible support they have received throughout the years naturally lead them to gravitate towards the Free Music philosophy, believing strongly that creativity and innovation—like most things in life—are meant to be shared and enjoyed. To that effect, and with deepest gratitude, Roster McCabe has made their full four–album discography available to everyone for free download.

Longtime fans of the band may recall a deep cut on Roster McCabe's first record in which the band fixes their gaze firmly on the future with the words "Take me up higher than I've ever been before"—words which, looking back now, could not have been more prescient. Through their love, generous donations, and endless support, Roster McCabe's dedicated fans have done just that, propelling the band to newer and greater heights—and the band shows no signs of stopping.

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