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On That Note Media is a full-service publicity firm, guerrilla marketing and online promotions company. We work with nationally touring bands and artists looking for a support system while out on the road or when releasing a new album. We focus on increasing exposure, name recognition, and fan base by tailoring a campaign that best meets the need of each individual band.

Radio Promotions
On That Note Media offers a complete radio promotions service to artists of all music genres. While the service mainly focuses on college radio stations throughout the United States and Canada, OTN also distributes music to community, AAA and other non-commercial stations, thus increasing the opportunity for exposure.

OTN handles every aspect of the campaign including: designation of stations, packaging and shipping of CDs to stations, album tracking, and distribution of regular tracking reports to artists. In addition, OTN will work with all stations to discuss further opportunities for publicity (i.e. on air interviews, in studio appearances, liners, etc) and coordinate these opportunities with the artist.

“Tracking” consists of weekly contact with each station to determine the current status of each album. Promoters will determine if the album has been received, reviewed, added, and/or spun by each station. This information is presented to the artist in spreadsheet form. OTN will ensure that the station has everything they need to continue to feature your CD, and develop the relationship with the artist.

OTN can customize a package specifically for any artist’s needs. The number of stations and length of the campaign can be adjusted to fit your budget or marketing goals.

In addition, OTN offers three standard campaign packages. A national campaign consists of distribution to 300 stations throughout the U.S. and Canada and tracking over an eight-week period. All of these stations report to CMJ, and any “charting” in this publication is also reported to the artist.

The regional package covers 150 stations based in a particular part of North America and also lasts for eight weeks. Most, but not all, of these stations report to CMJ (unless the artist requests differently).

Finally, the local campaign consists of 60 stations in the area in which the artist is based. This service is six weeks long. Because most artists choosing this package are mostly concerned with immediate exposure and growth of a fan base in their own area, not all of the stations report to CMJ.

OTN encourages artists to take an active role in the promotion of their own release throughout the campaign. When we distribute a list of stations to the artist that have added the album, the artist is free to add the stations on myspace, reach out to them by email, or do anything else to further market the album to the station short of calling them on the phone (that’s OTN’s job!).  OTN can also work with the artist on ideas to increase the benefits of your radio campaign, helping to ensure that your campaign will produce the results you deserve.

College, AAA & Non-Commercial Radio Promotions Rate Card

Past/Present Clients

Why Marketing & Publicity?
As competition in the music industry intensifies, a complete Marketing & Publicity campaign is imperative for an artist looking to gain an edge. While still nurturing and maintaining relationships with traditional Publicity outlets, On That Note Media remains on the cusp of the digital music landscape by seeking out emerging media and utilizing grassroots marketing techniques to bridge the gap between fan and artist. On That Note Media provides support in all facets of an artist's career, whether the artist is touring consistently, advancing a new album, or both.

We provide media with press kits, tickets to shows, and interviews with our artists. A successful Marketing & Publicity plan is a valuable and integral part of an artist's career, providing exposure and recognition to media outlets while fostering close relationships with growing and dedicated fan bases.

Why On That Note Media?
Over the last few years our publicists have worked with a variety of artists that include: Norah Jones, Joss Stone, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Interpol, Medeski Martin & Wood, Danielia Cotton, Jen Chapin, Leftover Salmon, KT Tunstall, and many others.

On That Note Media provides invaluable personalized attention to the artists we work with, and through our persistence and relationships have secured placements in media outlets across the country watching artists gain national recognition. When teaming up and providing our services to artists we simply look for great music, regardless of genre. Our passion for music and helping artists obtain necessary exposure is why we love what we do.

Other Services

On That Note Media will work closely with you to individually tailor a Marketing & Publicity campaign to your wants and needs. Services are, but are not limited to, the following:

Press Kit
  • Create a professional and impressive press kit including an artist biography, one-sheet, quote sheet, publicity photo, CD/video, and recent press release.
  • Update press kit regularly to include the most recent press clippings, quotes, developments, and news items.
  • Distribute press kit to ensure awareness and spike interest amongst appropriate media contacts and outlets.
Tour Press (Traditional & Digital)
  • Contact traditional local and regional publicity outlets such as newspapers, magazines, and independent publications for concert coverage, interview opportunities, and event listings.
  • Reach out to emerging media outlets such as websites, blogs, and podcasts for concert coverage.
  • Coordinate ticket giveaways, in-studio interviews, and other on-air promotions with local radio stations.
CD Press (Traditional & Digital)
  • Submit press kit to traditional publicity outlets such as newspapers, magazines, and independent publications for review.
  • Contact emerging media outlets such as websites, blogs, and podcasts for album review.
  • Distribute press kit to broadcast and online radio stations for airplay.
Online Marketing
  • Provide daily maintenance of online networking community accounts such as MySpace, Pure Volume, Virb, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Request friends in target markets for maximum exposure.
  • Maintain E-mail lists and send event reminders/updates/exclusives.
Campus Presence
  • Contact campus media such as newspaper and radio in target markets and within venue proximity for coverage.
  • Coordinate on-campus promotional performances in anticipation of local show.
  • Send tour posters and/or flyers for campus signage.
Street Promotions
  • Maintain Street Team database and distribute promotional materials.
  • Coordinate assignments and track street presence.
  • Execute contests and giveaways for active Street Team members.
  • Send tour posters and/or flyers to various retail and restaurant establishments for distribution and signage.

Event Request
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